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Brighton Table Tennis Club - match results

Senior British League - BTTC A team - Playing National A. View Website

Senior British League - BTTC B team - Playing National C. View Website

Brighton League - BTTC has 8 teams playing in 3 Divisions, we're leading Premier and Div 2. View Website

NCL - National Cadet League (U15). download Table

NJL - National Junior League (U18). download Table

T21 European Championships, October 2017 in Gaia, Portugal - Down's Syndrome

Great Britain Team - 4th place, lost 2-3 to Turkey for Bronze Medal

Harry Fairchild - Gold Medallist in Men's Doubles

World Ranking List

Great Britain Team - Harry Fairchild, Andrew Tonkin, Chris O'Flinn - all from BTTC

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